Commercial Rubber Floors

Commercial rubber flooring is a very hard wearing product especially suitable for high traffic areas, for example in corridors. It has excellent acoustic properties which help to reduce noise. Rubber floors are also resistant to chemicals, oils and grease and as such are particularly suitable for use in laboratories.

Forbo Flooring
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Made with natural and industrial rubber of the highest quality, Freudenberg flooring comprises of natural mineral fillers and eco-friendly colour pigments. Due to the density of the closed-surface design, this brand of rubber flooring repels dirt and has a lessened susceptibility to staining and soiling. It also has heightened hygienic properties making it simpler to clean - something that is very useful to large environments where this commercial flooring could be installed. Freudenberg is well suited to industrial floor carpets.

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The Rubber Flooring Company's rubber tiles and sheet rubber flooring are among the hardest wearing flooring finishes on the market, and they also provide high levels of softness and impact absorbency, making them a very flexible choice. Their rubber flooring products are very resistant to all types of physical damage, burning and fading from sunlight or wear. They're vulcanized on the surface to reduce wear. It is applicable in almost any commercial environment, but is recommended for areas that demand high levels of durability.

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Forbo offer rubber floors for every building and every business as they enhance a wide variety of interior settings. Their commercial lino flooring is made from natural raw materials and is durable, resistant to heavy traffic, wheeled traffic and burning whilst being decorative, hygienic and anti-static. This type of flooring is applicable in almost any business or industrial environment and is provided in the Reading and Oxford areas.