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As a family company, we like to keep you up to date with all the latest goings on at Butler Cox Flooring. As such, we have created this News Feed which will include our latest offers and information. Please feel free to look through our posts and find out more about us and what we can offer you.

Making your Shop Customer Friendly

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The success of your business is not something that is simply down to fait and good luck. There are a great number of ways in which you can increase your chances of becoming a thriving business on the high street. This includes the appearance of your store as this is responsible for creating a positive or negative impression when a customer walks through your doors.


How your shop is laid out is possibly the single most important factor of creating a good impression to your customers. Making sure there is enough space between racks for at least two people should be a concern, as cramped conditions will make for very hot and bothered shoppers. They are then far less likely to spend a prolonged period of time within your shop and in turn less likely to spend money. Keep the layout simple with clear sections of items. This will make the area easy to navigate around.


Although when you walk into your office or bedroom at home, you may not always pay attention to the floor, it can make a huge difference that you may not have thought of. Aim to install a floor which will have a slightly cushioned effect on the feet, as this will not only make walking on the floor more comfortable, but it will more than likely lower the sound of footsteps.


You could be adventurous and design sections which are differentiated by colour. This would also help with the layout of the store and allow shoppers to find their way around easily. This would also be ideal in a children’s store to keep their attention and make their shopping experience fun.


Here at Butler Cox Flooring we have a vast range of flooring options available to all of our customers whether for their commercial business or their domestic property. For more information on products that would be ideal for your shop, call us on .

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