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Choosing Appropriate Flooring For Your Commercial Kitchen

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If you are planning on setting up a commercial kitchen, then one thing that you are definitely going to need to think about is flooring. The problem that many people have is trying to find appropriate flooring that provides adequate safety and usability for such a fast-paced environment. However, it is important that you get it right. The reason many people struggle is that there are so many different types of flooring available these days, so it can be difficult to choose the most suitable. With that in mind, here are a few ideas about the different types of flooring available that would be suitable for a commercial kitchen.

Safety Floors

One of the major problems that comes with working in a kitchen is the fact that spillages happen on a daily basis. This is no surprise when you consider how busy commercial kitchens can get. Because of this, it might be a good idea to invest in some safety flooring. These floors are designed to prevent the risk of people slipping on wet surfaces. If you suspect that slips are likely to happen, then safety floors are definitely a good idea.

Rubber Flooring

Whilst rubber flooring is not typically used in commercial kitchens, it is definitely something that is worth considering in certain situations. These types of floors are not only safe, but they are also good when it comes to preventing problems that come with spilling grease or oil. If this is likely to happen, then rubber flooring may be worth considering.

Vinyl Flooring

Again, vinyl flooring is not typically used in commercial kitchens, but if it is not going to be too busy, then it is something that you could consider. This might be a more suitable option if the aesthetics of the kitchen are on show – for example, in an open-style kitchen within a restaurant However, if your kitchen is going to be busy, and spillages are likely, then it is probably a better option to go for safety or rubber flooring; vinyl flooring is often a rare choice.

These are just three of many different options that you could look into; there are so many different types of flooring that you can use in commercial kitchens. If you are struggling to find the right flooring for your commercial kitchen, then it is definitely worth taking a look online at some of the different designs that are available right now, as it is often helpful to gain inspiration from existing designs. Once you have decided what you want to go for, come to Butler Cox Flooring – We have everything that you need to get your kitchen flooring just right.

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