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As a family company, we like to keep you up to date with all the latest goings on at Butler Cox Flooring. As such, we have created this News Feed which will include our latest offers and information. Please feel free to look through our posts and find out more about us and what we can offer you.

How Safety Flooring Can Change Your Business

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Here at Butler Cox Flooring we have installed a huge amount of safety flooring throughout a range of businesses and have seen excellent results. We supply products that you can trust as we have selected them from some of the biggest manufacturers with outstanding reputations. Flooring from Altro, Gerflor and also Polyflor are available and we know from experience that these are brands that you can rely on.


When customers have fought through the wind and the rain to reach your shop for a new outfit or a spare part for their beloved motorbike, the last thing they want to be greeted with when they walk through the door is an embarrassing floor. Due to the typical English weather, many people reach shops and are met with slippery floors and are soon tempted to give up ad retreat to the safety of their own home. A safety floor will give extra security so your shoppers can enjoy their experience without worrying about falling flat on their back at any moment.


In a busy kitchen, there is always the risk of smashed plates, broken glasses and spillages which however careful you are, can still end up happening on a regular basis. By installing a safety floor you make it far safer for your staff to work in the kitchen environment. Less likely to slip over on sauce spillages, your staff will be much happier not having to explain to customers why they are covered in food.

Fitness Centres

Fitness centres are a place for members to work out and then relax in the sauna or pool afterwards. They may then decide to take a shower so that they feel fresh for when they leave to carry on with their day. With possibly hundreds of fitness fans coming out from the showers every day, wet patches on the floor can be an issue. The safety of your members is always a priority so installing a safety floor in the shower areas of your fitness centre could minimise the risk of any accidents happening.

To find out more about our range of safety floors call us on or visit our contact page.

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