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As a family company, we like to keep you up to date with all the latest goings on at Butler Cox Flooring. As such, we have created this News Feed which will include our latest offers and information. Please feel free to look through our posts and find out more about us and what we can offer you.

How to Improve Safety in the Workplace

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In any commercial environment safety in the work place is paramount; whether it is for a commercial kitchen or canteen, a high level of safety is required. It is important to ensure that you and your employees are aware of all health and safety regulations and how to uphold them. Here at Butler Cox Flooring we take safety seriously and have put together this quick guide to improving workplace safety:

Heavy lifting:

Make sure that all employees are aware of the correct ways to lift things. Especially in a commercial kitchen where there it is a lot of heavy lifting to do, it’s essential that that your employees are aware of how to lift these correctly. Bend from your knees not your back.

Correct Uniform:

Those who wear the correct uniform are less likely to be in an accident; employees should be vigilant about wearing the correct uniform and other protective garments when working. Practical and comfortable shoes are also a good way to prevent accidents.

Keeping tidy:

Spills and leaks should be cleaned up straight away to prevent anyone slipping on them. Any spills that have been cleaned up must have a wet floor sign put out to warn other colleagues.


It is essential to make sure that all employees undergo proper training before using any machinery. Both the employer and employee must be 100% confident they know how to work in a way that will prevent injuries. Often sign off training packs are good way to know what each employee needs more training on.

Safety flooring:

In working environments such as busy canteens and kitchens, spillages are commonplace and this can pose a direct danger to both employees and customers. Safety flooring, however, is slip resistant as it is specifically designed for use in areas in which spillages are common. Investing in safety flooring can significantly improve the safety in your workplace.

Here at Butler Cox Flooring we specialise in safety flooring and pride ourselves on our high level of customer service.  Why not give us a call today on or fill out one of our quick and easy contact forms here?

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