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The Essential Checklist for Your Office Refurbishment

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Having a checklist before you start your renovation can help you keep organised and ensure that you don’t forget an important step. First of all purchase a diary or a binder so you can store your checklist in a place where it won’t get list. Keep other essential information in your diary, such as quotes from contractors, plans and receipts that you may need at a later date.


Your planning checklist should include the type of renovation you want to do, the location of appliances, furniture and the styles and colours you want for your walls and floors. Consider how your business is already using the space and how it can be improved.


Once you have an idea of what you wish to accomplish, you’ll need to start thinking about specific plans. If it’s a complex renovation, hire a contractor. Before you start get plenty of references and check them out, then store any quotes with your checklist so you can go through them and find the best value for your money. It may also be worth checking if any of your desired renovations require a permit.


Financing a renovation is an important part of your checklist. Determine whether you can pay for the renovation out right or if your require financing. Make a budget and stick to it.


Whilst the work is being done get involved and ensure that the plans are being followed and it’s still within your budget. Include a decorating portion in your checklist so you know how much budget you will have left and what you need to purchase to completely finish and decorate the space.

If you’re looking to renovate your office space and need some help, here at Butler Cox Flooring we supply and install a wide range of carpets to suit your needs. For more information about our products or the services we offer then call us today on: .

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