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As a family company, we like to keep you up to date with all the latest goings on at Butler Cox Flooring. As such, we have created this News Feed which will include our latest offers and information. Please feel free to look through our posts and find out more about us and what we can offer you.

Uses of Industrial Flooring Reading

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Working in an industrial environment will present many risks and areas to cover to ensure that the entirety of your property is kept safe for all working inside. Implementing these safety measures start from the floor up, so to set a solid foundation for all work being carried out above, make use of our industrial flooring Reading here at Butler Cox Flooring, which includes both rubber flooring and our safety flooring.

Depending on your working environment and the kind of tasks carried out in each day of work, either of these flooring choices will be suited to you, so read on to discover the main uses of each:

Rubber Flooring

Here at Butler Cox Flooring we only stock, supply and install the best manufacturers of rubber flooring that are best suited to industrial environments, including Freudenberg, Forbo and The Rubber Flooring Company. These floors are especially useful for high traffic or high impact areas as they are very hard wearing and durable. Building upon this strength, rubber floors can also repel dirt and due to their excellent acoustic qualities are great at absorbing sound – a real must when working in an industrial environment. (Pairing this flooring with suspended ceilings can go a great way towards reducing sound.)

Safety Flooring

Much like our rubber flooring, our safety flooring can also enhance the way you use your industrial environment – being especially suited to areas that come under a high level of spillage. Being slip-resistant and specifically designed for wet areas, this will be the choice if you regularly use liquids in your line of work, as it could be the difference between someone having an accident on the job, or staying safe. This also makes for much better hygiene within the workplace and easier maintenance.

Both of these industrial flooring Reading choices will significantly enhance the way you work and how safe everyone is while carrying it out, so to set a safe foundation suited to your business, contact us at Butler Cox Flooring.

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